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Rough Puff Pastry

Posted by Bee & John on October 23, 2012 at 6:10 PM

I have heard that puff pastry is difficult. My step-daughter, who is training to be a patisserie chef, has done it by hand and certainly claims so!


But.... Puff Pastry is another thing that you and the Thermomix can make easily and to stupendous results!!


The recipe and method I used was from the Everyday Cookbook - I just followed the recipe - to great effect I might add! Helene, on SuperKitchenMachine has another method which I haven't tried as yet, but seems even easier..... but for this exercise, I will continue with the EDC method.


First of all, let me say that I did NOT use any lard - I just increased my butter from 120g to 200g

Secondly, I doubled the recipe.  That made 12 little chicken pies, 6 rectangles to make 3 matchsticks and covered two medium foil containers filled with chicken pie mixture (that were frozen but will now have a crust when they are thawed and baked).


Making the dough

So, follow the recipe using the ingredients stated (swapping the Lard for Butter if you are like me LOL)


NOTE: You are SUPPOSED to have lumps of butter in there - don't stress.


On your floured silicon mat, roll out the dough and fold in 3, roll it out and fold in 3, roll it out and fold in 3. The dough gets easier and easier to roll. If you are in the mood, roll it out and fold in three just one more time :-)


STOP - at this stage the dough is getting quite malleable and in fact you will be warming it too much if you go much further - squish it in a flattish block and pop in a floured plastic bag or wrap in plastic wrap - and pop it into the fridge for at least 30 minutes (can be a couple of days). 


NOTE: I would not actually suggest to put the dough using THIS method, in the fridge wrapped in your silicon mat. The reason that the Thermomix silicon mat is so good for rising bread is it's insulating quality - the reason that we pop the dough into the fridge is to chill it - the two counteract. I know Helene (SuperKitchenMachine.com) suggests that you do, but remember she uses ice-cubes in her method and that may suitable then.


When the dough is chilled, you will notice that, at first, it is quite difficult to roll out - my suggestion is to NOT try to roll all of it out together - cut the dough (NOT on your mat! NO knives on your Thermomix mat :))  into 2 or 3 blocks and work with smaller amounts. Don't worry though, as you start to roll it out it will become much easier to work with. Try to work quickly before the butter softens too much.


For the chicken pies (below) and the Matchsticks (also below) I rolled out the pastry to about 2-3 mm thick - remember it will PUFF.


WHY? Why go to all this trouble when there are handy packs of ready rolled pastry in your supermarket freezer section? All I can say is to taste HOME made pastry is to go to heaven! give it a try, it is EASY


HINT: while you are at it, make another lot of pastry. After you have rolled and flattened a couple of times and you are at the "put in the firdge" stage, pop it in the freezer instead. All you need then is to thaw it and you are ready to go!

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