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What I have learnt in my Thermomix years

Posted by Bee & John on January 9, 2013 at 7:00 PM

What do I mean by what have I learnt?  You might have remembered me mentioning, once or a thousand times, that I wasn't a cook before thermomix.  Now don't get me wrong!  My girls didn't starve while they were growing up - and they LOVED the macaroni and cheese - the hamburgers - the chicken wings or the sausages in gravy!  On odd occasions I would do a roast (frozen in batches with plenty of gravy, that roast would divide up into 3-5 meals for us three) - but anything fancy would generally fail and/or leave me exhausted.  In fact, I laughed with John last night over a stir fry meal, that I didn't even KNOW that ginger came fresh or what it looked like until I got my thermomix!

So.... What have I learnt?

Sharp blades are sharb because the blade edge is perfectly straight.  

    • When we talk about blades becoming blunt (thermomix ones or any knives) - we are generally talking about blades that have become chipped or scored or minutely bent.  
    • Blades become blunt mostly by coming into contact with other metal, bones, hard benches or glass chopping boards. 
    • do not put another metal implement into the TMX bowl to scoop out anything.  Scrape the mixture into another bowl and scoop from that bowl
    • do not just chuck your blades into a kitchen sink where it can be chipped, bent or scored by other metal implements or even the kitchen sink!
    • Using a "steel" does not sharpen the knives!  It will realign the edge of the knife so it will work better.  You need to have your knives (NOT the Thermomix blades) sharpened occasionally - your local butcher can often organise this at minimal cost.
    • Chop your veggies and/or meat on a chopping board that the blades can "cut" into a bit (like wood {so out of favour now} or soft plastic.  If you use marble, metal or glass, the hard surface will dull and or chip your blades

Thermomix blades need to be replaced ever 5-10 years, depending on how much you use them AND how well you look after them!  See above.

    • They aren't that expensive, get in contact with your thermomix consultant if you have had your Thermomix 5 years + and think you need some.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE - last year, owners had the opportunity to earn an entire second BOWL and blade set for the same price as a blade unit alone.  I have NO idea if they'll do that again this year.... but I would not be surprised

Thermomix Lid seals can trap odours in IF you don't treat them like the precious bits of technology that they are!

    1. ALWAYS take your seal out and wash them seperately when you are washing the lid
    2. ALWAYS dry them seperately and leave them to air seperate until you actually need to use the lid again
    • Do both of these and you won't need to worry about your seal trapping odours again.  It will also extend the life of your seal
    • It may extend the lif of your seal BUT it won't do it indefinately.  You do need to replace these also.  About every 1.5-2.5 years - again depending on how often you use it and how well you treat it.  These seals are under $20 - get them from Thermomix Australia or your consultant.

I can do anything.  I don't mean I can be Prime Minister (who'd want to!), but if I see a recipe, I now go.... "oh yeah, that sounds nice, I'll try that"  The Thermomix has taken the hard work out of cooking (and cleaning!) and I just KNOW it will turn out fine!

Fresh spices are uncalculably stronger and nicer if you grind them yourself!  While my shopping costs were reduced almost immediently after getting the Thermomix in our kitchen.... Initially, at least, the spending did go up.  I started getting myself a collection of spices.  no longer do I rely on 2-3 jars of stuff and a bottle of Maggi Seasoning sauce to make any meal - I can make anything and have the spices to prove it!!  (VERY impressive when people come around too... GEE you look professional!)

    • you do need a certain amount of spices in your Thermomix to actually grind them properly.  1/2 a teaspoon just isn't enough to weigh the spices down enough to grind!  They just get thrown up because of the speed of the blades.  I know when I do cinnamon sticks (for example) I need 4 or 5 for them to grind properly.  3 nutmegs, 1/4 of a cup of lighter things like chia seeds or celery seeds
    • Spices take a different amount of time to grind.  Grinding them too long can actually make them gooey!  Who would have thought that nutmegs can be moist inside for instance.  My advice is alway to grind your spices in 30 second increments for the first time.  

I am NOT a fan of speed soft.  Now that is just my personal opinion - I know plenty of people use it and plenty of recipes call for it... but I NEVER use it.  The hot plate is on the bottom of the thermomix and the blades are designed to bring the food in a circular motion to the bottom of the bowl so it can cook properly.  I ALWAYS use a speed (between 1-2 if it calls for soft speed) where I can see a little vortex thing happening when I look through the top.  Not a full on tornado, just some decent movement.

Working for Thermomix Australia can be an amazing job!  I love it!  I haven't had an alarm clock for 2 and a half years!  (except when I'm going on holidays and need to catch an early flight!).  And also that it can be a career, not just pocket money.

I've leant that if I over indulge on what I MAKE - I don't put on weight... but if I pig out on things that I BUY - I do.  Figure that out!

The Thermomix Spatula is an oft missunderstood feature of the Thermomix.  Although I might use a slicon spatula at times, the Thermomix one is INVALUABLE for many things - get used to it and it'll be your friend to eternity.

I now understand that if there is anything "burnt" on the bottom of the TM bowl (not BURNT - but you know how things get stuck to the bottom or leave a scorch mark?) that is a good idea to scour that off as something burnt on can catch the next thing you are cooking to catch too.

    • if you do have anyting there, try making some stock or a face/hand scrub.  The salt in the recipes often "scour" the bottom for you
    • Or... just use a cloth dampened with Vinegar and plenty of salt for a nice natural scourer
    • Another way is to save about 10 egg shells and grind them for a minute with 100g of water, speed 10.  Use a cloth and the ground eggshells to scour anything left and then they eggshell mixture is great for the garden
    • NOTE: Take the blades out to scour the bottom!

Some (sadly, former) friends think that my enthusiastic approach to the wonders of Thermomix is an attempt to make them buy one!  Shame... I'm just that guys... enthusiastic!  Loving the fact that I can cook what I want - that I have plenty of free time and people LIKE what I'm cooking for them.  


On the flip side of that - I have made some AMAZING new friends in my clients and colleagues - even some on the other side of the world that I haven't met yet! 

The most important thing I've learnt??  I haven't finished learning AND I am REALLY enjoying myself!!

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