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Where to get your Organic..... stuff

Posted by Bee & John on April 16, 2013 at 5:50 AM

I have heard a lot about Community Co-op's lately - a collection of people who order a large collection of "stuff" and then they can buy things in bulk, at good prices - rather than the higher shop prices.  One of my clients, Karina, has started one up herself and is getting immense satisfaction out of it!  She said her family have never eaten better, at a cost not much higher than buying un-organic stuff (hope un-organic is a word!  Well.... it is now!)

Well.... perfect in theory.  But there are a couple of problems with that.

First - this relies on a group that is a) local b) reliable and c) trustworthy - that are a) getting the stuff that YOU want, b) when you want to order and of course you have to know what you are going to use over the next month or two.

One organiser has confided in me that the "group" helped themselves to things that they hadn't actually ordered or over weighed things that they had, and for the organiser's trouble to communicate and organise the order and the delivery - she was left with much less than she ordered and paid for herself.

Too much trouble?  Not for some.  Some people thrive and revel in the work and the altruistic feel of the whole thing.

But if you are not in a co-op, does that mean that that you are stuck getting your organic food/produce from high priced stores and online?  Not necessarily.

First of all - just do a little research.  It's amazing what you can get - and where.

Health food shops.  While getting my ingredients for the raw caramel slice, I had a wonderful chat with the owner of a health food shop in Munno Para.  The owner, Enis, was not only a mine of information about the benefits of this products (AND was willing to spend the time with you - a rarity in this day and age)  when I mentioned that I like to buy in builk - she said sure, what would I like?  I asked  her what she meant and found that she could provide me with most of her products, in bulk.  

For example - The almond oil I already buy from her in 500ml bottles, can be purchased in bigger, larger amounts with the corresponding reduction per litre for the bulk purchase.  Another welcome surprise was that she can get organic grains and produce in whatever sizes I need. She had 5 kilo bags of various sugar alternatives and raw honey in very large barrels.

OK - but what about fruit?   While there are lot of great organic fruit and veggie shops - we went for a wander through the Adelaide hills last sunday and inevitably ended up at our favourite organic fruit/veggie stop near Gumeracha.  As part of Kenton Winery, this large green shed holds a range of fabulously priced, fresh, organic produce.  The place is run by this absolutely lovely couple, Frank and Rosemary, who always have a smile and are happy to have a chat with whomever arrives at their shed.  Full of information about where they get all their fabulous produce from (they actually know most of the growers) they have a nice range of produce.  You know what makes it an even better stop?  Their prices are about the same - if not CHEAPER - than non-organic supermarket stuff!  

It's a beautiful drive, expecially at the moment with the leaves turning.  Apples are nearly ready on their trees - pop in and say hi - thell them Bee and John sent you, for an extra big smile.  Careful though - for the first time in (I'm guessing) 30 years..... they have decided to take a day off on Tuesdays - so don't turn up then.

Why do I mention these shops with so many fabulous places around Adelaide?  These are just 2 examples of where you can get great fresh, healthy produce for a good price.  If you don't live near a co-op pick-up location or just plain can't get into one.... don't be satisfied with what you can get off the shelves.  Talk to people in the shops, most of them can help with alternatives.  Besides - we need to give our little, local, buisinesses a go!

(photo below if from that trip last Sunday.  See how dry it is?  We would REALLY like some rain please!!)

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