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The Wonder's of Ice Coffee in the Thermomix

Posted by Bee & John on June 9, 2013 at 5:10 AM

Well.... South Australia is famous for their Fru-Chocs and South Australan's LOVE their Ice Coffee!

There is really nothing better than making Ice Coffee in Thermy - it is SO yummy!  But I have found that there are a couple of factors to bear in mind!

First of all - there are two different types of ice coffee!  One is Spumone Al Caffe from the Everyday Cookbook and then there is the Peter method.

I'll talk about the Peter Method first as his is simple and because it is a little video, self explanitory.  Good on you Peter Pratt, thank you!   Then I'll help you get a great Spumone.

First I will talk about the differences ....

Peter Pratt's ice coffee uses shots of real coffee, is creamier, milkier in texture, like an actual drink.  It has a few ice chips in it.  It is creamy with a little head of froth.

Spumone Al Caffe is very light, almost like frozen milk froth.  Lower in calories as it uses very little milk.  No ice in the final mixture at all if done properly and the texture is like a super light ice cream.  Until it starts to melt it is best eaten with a spoon.

Peter's Perfect Coffee: Follow Peter's recipe and you will get a great ice coffee!!

Spumone Al Caffe can be a bit tricky so I am here to help you with that.  To get the bestest frothiest iced coffee.....

  • 1/2 MC of instant coffee
  • 100g of sugar - CUT THIS BACK - even this little sweet tooth likes to halve this!
  • Put into a super dry Thermomix bowl and grind for 20 seconds on speed 9

THIS is the important step and where you can go wrong.  Leave out the "grinding" stage and the coffee is too heavy for the milk to froth!! 

  • add 100g of milk and 
  • 400g of (water) ice-cubes
That seems easy enough BUT - just use normal supermarket milk.  I have tried with "fancy" milks like unhomogenised milk or A2 and it just won't work.  Full cream OR skinny supermarket milk is perfect.

  • grind for 5 mintues on speed 6-7

Oh my goodness, you say, 5 minutes?  Really?  YES!  You need all of the 5 mintues, even if you are halving the recipe!

Result?  Perfect!!

  1. Can you use cocoa powder?  No, it is too heavy.  Maybe Milo, but remember you need to grind it
  2. Can you use a couple of shots of coffee instead.  Yes and no....
    1. No, not as hot shots of coffee, it is too weakly flavoured then and 4 shots will make it too watery and it won't froth
    2. Yes, make the shots before time and freeze as ice cubes.  Then you can use them as part of the ice cube portion

I hope you enjoy your Iced Coffee!!

This photo is Peter Pratt's Coffee Recipe

Peter's is on the left, Spumone is on the right

Peter's is on the left, Spumone is on the right

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