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Chicken and Choritzo Stew

Posted by Bee & John on August 27, 2013 at 11:30 PM

Well.... aren't the "professional" chefs falling over themselves showing how much they love their Thermomix.... and I sure as heck love that!!!

Julie Gordon, the winner of Australia's first Masterchef competition, has come on board with this groovy little video for Chicken and Choritzo Stew 

I heard about this for the first time a little while ago from head office, and then (shock!!!) forgot about it!  My groovy friend from Melbourne, Frogdancer, mentioned it on her blog recently and I thought...mmmm.... gotta check that out!.

I watched the recipe and blow me down if I didn't have almost exactly the ingredients which I would need for it - a lucky happenstance indeed!  So... off to the kitchen went I.

What I LOVE about the recipe and video:


  1. the recipe is clearly stated during the video, so it's easy to follow.  
  2. The recipe seems easy and the ingredients are not "fancy pants - gotta go to peru to get them" type of ingredients.  
  3. It takes you through handy tips, like the ones with the onions, the revers function and the simmer basket sitting on the top of the TM bowl.


As I mentioned, I had ALMOST the ingredients.


  • What I did have - the tinned tomatoes, the tom paste, the capsicum, the stock and the chilli. 
  • What I didn't have, the choritzo's (but I had 2 Debracini's, the slightly milder italian version), I didn't have the rissoni (but used small pasta) and I didn't have the raw chicken, (I did have half a BBQ chook picked up the night before).
  • What I chose to change: I used chicken stock instead of beef.  Note: 2-3 flat teaspoons of stock concentrate in 730g of water should make 750g of liquid.  I don't think either chick, beef or veggie stock would make any difference


Well... the recipe did seem like it would be easy and it most certainly was!!  Did I like it?  Well, LOVE would be a better word!! What a LOVELY little recipe!!  I didn't expect the recipe to have an almost sweet flavour, expecting it to be richer and spicier, but nope - flavoursome and light.  Fab - I would recommend you go out and do it now! (vegetarians excepted - sorry guys)

What I also liked, is that it would feed a small army! This would feed 3-4 adults just as it is, no problem. If you want to feed more, don't add the pasta - but after cooking, keep it warm in the server while you steam rice and veggies.  If you want to cook for less - you can halve the recipe, but it seriously is fabulous, cook it as it is and have enough for several meals -freeze em!   I would also suggest you leave the pasta out and cook that fresh with each portion reheated.



  1. If you are using already cooked chook... do not add the chook until the very end or it will just shred and make the sauce into a thick paste.  Tasted fabulous, but looked mushy.
  2. Use Chicken Thighs - they'll keep their shape while cooking, chicken thighs will also shred in cooking
  3. putting too much pasta in will contribute to the mushy state my recipe ended up.  But, as mentioned, still tasted fantastic


Where's the pic?  Did I mention how mushy mine turned out?  NO pic!

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