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butter! yes....BUTTER!

Posted by Bee & John on May 8, 2010 at 4:09 AM

Major ticks of yum!

I honestly thought it would take forever. I bought the cream THEN looked at the recipe to see how long it would take to make. 4 minutes!!

3 mintues, pour off the buttermilk, 30 seconds, little oil (so it spreads from the fridge) and pinch of salt.. 30 seconds! HOW EASY WAS THAT!

I then used the buttermilk for scones and butter milk bread!

Just a little post script on this... today I used cream that had been frozen.  We buy 2 litres of pouring cream from the farmer's market at Wayville.  We bought a couple last time and froze one.  I defrosted it this week in the fridge, and when I went to use it today (for butter) it looked curdled... but - it wasn't!  if your frozen cream looks funny - don't worry about it... it makes fantastic butter! (as long as it doesn't SMELL funny LOL)

HINT: mix garlic and/or herbs and/or parmesan with the butter in the last 30 seconds.  NICE!

HINT: mixing parsley with the garlic butter means you can easily tell which butter is which, especially if you've frozen some.

HINT: John had a great idea. We rolled some into bon bon shapes (directly on small piece of baking paper with a larger sheet of gladwrap underneath) rolled into rolls about 4 cm in diameter, John used the Garlic and Herb flavoured disks to season his chickens etc. Cut off a small disk and slip under the chicken skin!

Great little video of HOW TO here

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