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Potato and Leek Soup

Posted by Bee & John on May 28, 2010 at 2:48 AM

This was easy - and very nice!  We haven't eaten it yet (drunk it?) but I have had a lovely big spoonful to try it.

Thinking I might do a costing of the recipes?  Give it a go anyway.

Potato - 30c

Onion - 30c

Leek - $1

Bacon - $1 (yup, I snuck some in)

So.. for $2.60 I have 4 times as much yummy soup, at much less than it would cost to buy, a tin of it.  AND I know what went in it.

HINT: a little bacon in it (I had some shortback bacon and used 4 eyes of it) gives it a bit of a kick.  

HINT: maybe a small clove of garlic with it would have been nice (put in with the onion and leek)

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