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Butter Bread

Posted by Bee & John on May 31, 2010 at 4:55 AM

John had a day off today and decided to have a play in the kitchen.  There is always a treat instore for me if I come home after John has had a play :-)

Butter Bread is from the International Cookbook.  John said it was easy to make, took a little time because of the proving of the dough, but was easy in itself to make.  He said it was a lovely dough to work with and was easy to plait.

We had some sliced bread with our meal (with some of our home made butter of course).  It was a very different texture to normal bread, almost cake-like - something between cake and bread.  Sweet, without being overly so - can't wait to have some chocolate spread or jam with it!  However, even with it being sweet, it was still lovely when dipped into the lovely rabbit stew gravy.

What else did he make?  Lemon almond slice... mmmm.... will let you know what that is like after we've had dessert!!

The next day I sliced the bread and toasted it, fresh butter (from the thermomix of course LOL) and sprinkled some chocolate hail on it. OH BOY!!  Am moving this bread from 5 ticks to Golden tick!!

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