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Tomato Ketchup (we ALL know that's really Sauce!!)

Posted by Bee & John on June 12, 2010 at 3:17 AM

I've been wanting to try making our own tomato sauce for a while (I'll call it tomato sauce from here on in... none of this Ketchup business LOL - but to differenentiate it from the tomato sauce in the cook book that is to do with a pasta base, I had to name it tomato ketchup in the heading)

We went out for a magical drive through the Adelaide Hills today.  Nice to see the sun - we've actually had nearly a week of rain (VERY unusual for Adelaide).  ANYWAY..... the day was beautiful. The sun was out, the countryside was green (ALSO unusual for Adelaide) and the sky was dark with storm clouds - but the rain held off and we enjoyed our day out.

We passed a farm that was selling tomatoes, apples and avocados.  The tomatoes were only $3 for a kilo... I bought 3 bags!!

I got home and THEN read the recipe... goodness, it called for some plums!  I mentioned my dissapointment to John (WHERE was I going to get plums this time of year!) and he reminded me we DID have some - I bought some about a month ago, stuck them in the fridge and forgot about them.  Luckily they were still good!

So - I made a double lot of the recipe (same cooking time) - I have got to say that this was DELICIOUS!!!  It made 1 1/4 litres of sauce!

Prep - it took me 5 minutes to get it ready for the longer cook - that's it!!

HINT: I didn't do the "wait for one hour to drain the tomatoes... it still turned out ok.  I think, perhaps, I used fairly firm Roma tomatoes

HINT: Perhaps because I used Roma tomatoes, which were fairly sweet anyway, I found the sauce to be fairly sweet - it would be interesting to taste it when it is cold to see if it still tastes sweet.

COST: tomatoes $2.50 + Garlic and spices $10c + white vinegar 25c + sugar 30c + plums 50c = $3.65 for 1.25 litres of home made tomato sauce!  YUM!!!

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