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Citrus Marmalade

Posted by Bee & John on June 29, 2010 at 5:43 AM

I had promised the people at work that I would make buttermilk scones tomorrow for the meeting (made butter last night and had it handy)

but.... no jam.  Welllllll.... we DID have store bought jam - but that would be a bit embarrassing now wouldn't it LOL - me the Thermomix queen.

Problem was... it is the depths of winter here at the moment and we only had oranges/mandarines/lemons.  So... citrus marmalade it was.

I only did half of the recipe - and it worked out fine.  Plenty actually for a jar to take to my parents in law and a nice sized small jar to take tomorrow and (modestly) say... oh yes... I just whipped it up.

But... to be honest... it really was as easy as "whipping it up"!

I cut up the fruit, put it in, set the timer, added the sugar, set the timer, taste it, pour it into jars - 2 minute wash was all it took to get the Thermomix clean as a whistle... sit down and read!

Cost?  1 large orange, 2 mandarines, 1 lemon and some sugar!  Not going to break the bank!

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