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Posted by Bee & John on September 7, 2014 at 5:10 AM

So... it's here!!  We are proud to announce the arrival of our new baby... the TM5!

First of all... the legal stuff.  You know this is just MY thoughts right?  Not official in any way!

Now... DON'T STOP.  If you think this blog is going to be all about how wonderful it is and you MUST upgrade right NOW... well I suppose in a way it is, but is is NOT suposed to be.  I just want to get past all the hype, all the excitement and tell you my impressions on my first day of owning my TM5.

(me waiting for my machine - NOT excited!.... much)


First thing I noticed when seeing the packaging, is that so much time and effort has gone into the design of the thermomix, that even the BOX has great innovations!  The carrying "holes" are spaced so well it is now ergonomic.  That might not mean much for you, but for us consultants, this means carrying new thermomixes from our car to new owners is going to save our backs.  It might sound easy to you, delivering a Thermomix, but sometimes we are walking for a while, up stairs, down narrow drive/pathways or around little kids - so to be able to do it easier with this slightly heavier box shows me the INFINITE details that Vorwerk has gone to, to make this machine brilliant!!

Secondly, the packaging is all biodegradeable, with eggshel carton packaging - and the varoma comes in a specially designed box.  Pretty cool!!

Then the cookbook!!

Let me tell you that this cookbook is BRILLIANT!  Hard cover, with only one recipe per page, well laid out and with brilliant step by step directions when required (eg: how to layer a lasagne or roll up the meatloaf) it has a really lovely photo for every single recipe!  As for the recipes... some GREAT recipes there!!  I would say that the book is worth the cost of the TM5 alone!

The chip

Unless you have not read ANYTHING about the new Thermomix TM5, you'd know that it comes with a chip option, to have cookbooks uploaded into it.  

Yes, of COURSE you get that too!!!!  What's the point otherwise!  It's pretty groovy!  quite heavy (for the size... not like it's made of lead)  It has this groovy magnet system to connect to the thermomix port - cleverly designed to be at the side of the machine, out of the way of any casual spils or splashes

I used it to make a sponge cake today.  I thought that would be a good test - for a start, my guest for lunch has just found out she's lactose intollerant, she happens to have won the Excellence Award for Patisserrie last year so she'd know how the sponge would compare AND I have only ever made one sponge cake before and am a bit scared of making them actually.

The step by step guide was SO easy to follow AND to manipulate.  In that... I didn't need to grind the sugar, I had it already ground AND I weighed the flours out in another bowl so I didn't have to wash the TM bowl - hterefore I just skipped through to the wipping the egg white step... easy. SO easy.  When it gets to a "step" you can either skip past it or let it set the time temperature (if needed) and speed and all you need to do it get it started.  I thought it would be confusing and complicated, but am relieved to see that it isn't - infact it was fun!

I was thinking of making hollandaise sauce first - see how it's telling me how warm the bowl is (on the top?) that's because I had just given Thermalina it's vinegar/water boiling wash.

The machine

I have to say that I think it looks VERY smart!  You know how clothes can "look better on"?  Well, your TM5 looks great ON your kitchen bench trust me!!

I was a bit worried about how complicated the controls would be... but foolish me!!  Of course Vorwerk and Thermomix Australia have not let us down!  It was surprisingly intuitive and I had it up and running in seconds.  I deliberately didn't look at any of the instructions before trying it out so I could get a real feel for just how difficult it is... and it is very easy.

Now, trust me, you will be getting a full run down when your TM5 is delivered to you so you won't have to "work it out" - I was just going in as blind as I could so I could simulate how difficult it would be for someone without any experience with TM's at all.  It's actually surprisingly easy!  I think if this model had been released 4 or 5 years ago it would have really stumped quite a few people, but now that touch screen technology is in so many of our day to day transactions (eg: self-checkout supermarket terminals) you won't have any problems what so ever.

I've only worked a little bit with it today.... I'll add more functions to the website as I perfect them... but let me answer some of your questions.

Slow cooking?

No... and yes.  As for will it slow cook your meal - no.  As in does it have a slow cook function to allow Yogurt to sit at 37 for 8 hours to set?  Yes!  Exciting!!!!  

Do I think the lack of slow cooking is an opportunity missed by Vorwerk - no I don't actually.  

a) it would introduce a difficulty in programming (the times in etc) that would make it difficult to use,

b) it does the same thing (ie: you get ingredients together and it does all the work) except you don't have food sitting cooking, using power, all day! I don't personaly like slow cooking... everything tastes the same.  and

c) I often change my mind on what I feel like eating during the day - I might have seen a new recipe, or had an unexpected meal out .... and I'd hate to be stuck with what is already cooking!

Will they bring out other automated cooking methods... no idea.  Unlikely I think as it is the machine that's programmed to do that, it doesn't come from the chip

Personal Safety... I think the TM5 is brilliantly safe (is that good English?)  Features from the "warning lights", no heating functions if the blades are moving faster than speed 6 - right up to being able to use a pin to lock your Thermomix to stop your kids (or flatmates??) using it while you aren't around.  Now the pin is a great idea, but it is overwriteable by the factory code (no, NOT 0000) but keep your manual safe and you'll be fine - For those of us who struggle to remember codes - that is actually good news.  There is also nothing for kids to grab to pull it onto themselves, even if they could unbalance it... which I would say they couldn't

Indicator lights change colour t indicate temputerature... cool!

Cooking Safety.... It's great to see that you have so much more control over  the temperature settings - they go up in 5oC increments now, and up to 120oC.  There are special "slow" speeds - no not that it MOVES slow, but that it HEATS slower if you select those speeds - that's very useful for things like cheese and yogurt etc.  There are still a copule of SET settings - 37oC (body temp) 98oC (so you can't boil milk etc) and Varoma temp.  As mentioned, the TM5 won't heat if you select too high a speed and it won't knead if the bowl is too hot (would kill the yeast!)

Butterfly - why mention the butterfly?  Well.... it looks different.  Everything else is pretty much familiar, but the butterfly is different.  Why?  Well the most amazing thing (maybe the most... so many amazing things) is that the person who engineered the Butterfly actually wrote his PHD on the design on it!  He studied aeration and the thermomix Butterfly so much he NOW HAS A DOCTORATE!!  I made a sponge today using it... wow!  2 minutes of aeration and the peaks of those eggs whites were STIFF AS!

Time, Temperature, Speed - yes of course you have this trifecta of actions before it will all work.  Good!  

Time: now goes up to 99 minutes!  Why no longer... Safety! if you were steaming you'd boil the poor thing dry!  

Temperature: I've talked about already.  

Speed: goes up in 0.5 increments, with a top revolution of 10700 rpm - wow!

Display: you can make it brighter or reverse the colours for people with some sight difficulties

Scales - weighs up to 3 kilos at a time to a maximum of 6 kilos AND (this bit is SO exciting!!) you can weigh while you are cooking!  So so SO very handy!!


I have just kneaded my first bread dough (Already had so much made for Father's day!)  Of course it kneaded brilliantly.... but I was surprised to see very little movement while kneading.  We all know it is the dough bouncing side to side that gives the thermomix a rocking action, not the function in and of itself... but I noticed a movement... but very LITTLE movement during kneading.  Cool!

The TM Bowl & Varoma -Gotta mention the lid first of all - the seal is part of the whole lid so no more worrying about losing it or taking it out to wash.  I tried cooking a fragrant meal (soup with fresh ginger, fresh tumeric, garlic, chilli, coconut milk) and then left it in the bowl for a few hours and didn't wash it until the next day... it was fine.  The seal will not touch any food, sits on the bowl top that has an accompanying flat surface.

Lockingit on - putting the lid on has got easier.  Not just for people who have dexterity issues with their hands, but for us all!  Locking it on is easier and even firmer.  Very swish.

Size - with a 2.2litre bowl, it isn't too big for people on their own, but offers even more help for larger families.  Varoma has had a revamp too and thats larger too!  What I like is that while offering plenty of space... it isn't so large as to be unweildy.  No, good job there too... gee it's just like they knew what they were doing!

Sounds - While I think that the new TM is AMAZING.. it is worth mentioning that it hasn't been made by angels, using material from other planets with techniques brought to us from the future.  Please do not expect it to do the impossible.  you are going to get SOME noise.  If I had to choose between it making a sound BUT acutally working.... against having silence for silence sakes but it can't do a darn thing - I know which one I'd choose!! 

I just ground some Cassia Cinnamon.  It's something I do with ALL my new owners as I deliver a thermomix so I felt that that would give an indication of the sound.  Now, it was still loud!  BUT no where near as loud.  People who don't grind the same thing all the time would say... my, it is still noticeable!  But I can assure you it has definately cut down those very LOUD decibels.

It makes a trilling beep when it finishes... but making that quieter is like stopping the sound coming from your smoke alarm... safety first!  It isn't a harsh sound and would be hard to hear out of the room I think.  I'll keep testing that.

VERDICT - is it worth it?  I would say... yes.  

Now you might think I would OF COURSE say that... but people who know me know that I am honest.  I would not lie to you!!  I might have skipped answering the question (my business after all) but I will NOT lie to you.  It is worth it!  Besides... heck, at the introductory price they're offering and the good price the TM31's are still getting... why not!!??

But does it do anything radically new?   I relate the Thermomix TM5 to a car we bought recently.  I swapped my Suzuki Swift which I bought new 5 years ago, for a 3 year old Hyundai Ix35.  Now - the car... essentially... does the same thing - gets me from A to B in comfort.  It uses the same amount of petrol, holds the same number of people so - why bother getting it?  Well, it's actually more effecient than my smaller car, smoother and handles better - it has some really groovy features that, added together, make for a MUCH more fun/comfortable ride, it's actually a bit bigger and it looks HOT!  I was happy to buy a new CAR for those extra features that will make my life easier... I wouldn't even think twice about getting the TM5!

So... lets address the elephant in the room... you have the TM31 and there is the TM5 now!!  Grumpy?  Why?  the TM31 is a BRILLIANT machine!!  I, myself, still choose to have it as MY main cooking appliance while I take the new one out for demos!  As I mentioned in my facebook post yesterday... no matter HOW brilliant the TM5 is, there is something it can't do!  It can NOT make what was brilliant on Friday, obsolete and useless the very next day.

Vorwerk has released a Thermomix that is WELL designed, EASY to use and looks amazing - but the most useful, efficient and cost saving feature of the TM5 (and ALL their thermomixes - longetivity!! I know both my TM31 and this new TM5 will last me so long I could probably give it to my grandkids!  (although I'll still be in business and make them buy their own LOL)


Just think.... in the 10 years since the TM31 was released.... i've changed states (both physically from Victoria to SA and emotially from single to married), had 3 different cars, have had 3 different computers (or was that 4?) and have bought a new phone five times (all at considerably higher cost). That's what makes the Thermomix unique!  All other appliances are designed for a single year's use and functionality... yes they are DESIGNED to last only one year...  Lets not fall into the trap of allowing people to dictate our spending for us.... the consumerism trap of thinking that everything has to be new new new and it doesn't need to work properly because 5 mintues later it's junk.  I would urge you ALL to watch this YouTube video from a show I watched recently... it'll open your eyes!!!  


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