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Peanut Butter

Posted by Bee & John on August 16, 2010 at 12:47 AM

For some reason we had put this off.. I mean really - how much better is home made peanut butter to bought stuff.


easy too.  grinding the peanuts made the paste, adding a little oil made it spreadable. 

I was wondering how unsalted peanuts would go - I knew that there was lots of salt and sugar in commercial peanut butter.  You know what you taste in home made, unsalted peanut butter?  The Peanuts!!

I did 500g of peanuts and added a globble of oil (you know, pour it in, let it go "globble" and then stop) and it filled a 475g tomato pasta sauce jar.

Cost?  for the whole jar it cost $2.50 for the peanuts, a few cents for the oil. that's pretty cheap really!

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