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Lemon Butter

Posted by Bee & John on August 27, 2010 at 3:50 AM

This was always going to be interesting :-)  I was given a wonderful lemon butter recipe when I first tasted, and fell in love with, lemon butter at a friend's place a few years ago.  

So... I thought I would put my wonderful hubby to the test.  Remember, he is the cook of the house.. I follow recipes.   He has been able to take a mouthful from my plate of a meal that I love... and in that mouthful of food he can break it down into it's separate components and is able to recreate that recipe for me at home!  It was a chicken/bacon/chilli/tortalini/tomatoey thing.  He was able to distinguish that it had cinnamon in it!!  Argh!  I just knew I liked it :-)

ANYWAY..... I made 3 batches of Lemon Butter.  1 x Thermomix recipe.  1 x Tonia's Recipe (quite zingy) and 1 x thermomix with some lemon zest in it.

I used the same batch of freshly picked lemons, same batch of butter, eggs from the same carton etc.

How did I find the taste of each of the different butters?  I liked a slightly zingier lemon butter, but the Thermomix one has a smoother texture. I suspect that all I need to do was add some more lemon juice to the Thermomix recipe.  

Which one was easiest to make??  The Thermomix recipe!  no question!  A very simple and easy recipe.

When John came home.. I had 3 pieces of bread each with a lemon butter spread from a different batch.  John, thankfully, took the test seriously and tasted each one carefully.

The winner?  He chose the Thermomix recipe!  Saying it was smoother on the palate and a better mix of the ingredients.

Go go thermomix LOL

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