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Boutique Salt

Posted by Bee & John on October 14, 2010 at 10:41 PM

Fancy name for a basic dried spice mix... but it is YUM!  This is from the Vegetarian Cookbook - and even tho I am not a vegetarian (would have been diss-owned by my parents who were BOTH butchers and my Hubby, John the Butcher!) I have found some fantastic recipes in there!  

What's more - the Vegetarian cook book even has hand creams and bath bombs and the like!!

Anyway... back to the salt.  Basically it was dried lemon, rosemary, garlic and a little salt.

By the time I dried it in the oven it looked black!  But that didn't matter. It didn't taste "black" or burnt, it just looked black.  I think Dehydrators are the way to go.

This is lovely on sandwiches and even just salads.  It is hardly salty at all and I would suggest doubling the salt from 2 tbls to 4 tbls to get a bit of salt in it - but that would depend on your taste :)

John used it on a lamb roast and it was nice, but faint, you would have to put quite a bit on... hence why I suggest more salt - it would make it go further by making it taste stronger I think.

LESSON: patience is a must when drying in the oven

LESSON: grow your own herbs and fruit!!!  Much nicer!!

LESSON: the garlic took SO much more time to dry, even tho I sliced the thicker ones - I suggest you mince it first and then put the minced garlic on the tray to dry.

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