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Using Thermomix as a kettle??

Posted by Bee & John on March 15, 2011 at 6:50 PM

I subscribe to an interesting food blog by a Sydney-based food writer Fouad Kassab - he had a recent post on the wonders of an Aeropress to make coffee.

What struck me about his blog was his comment about the optimal water temperature for coffee is 80oC.  Weeeeellll!  The thermomix has an 80oC temperature button!!

First I did a bit of research.  Yup!  80oC is the perfect temperature... hot enough to drink... not hot enough to release bitter oils from the coffee.  When it comes to that... tea also appreciates the 80oC temperature.

In fact... why do coffee machines make such GREAT coffee??  They regulate the temperature to 80oC!!

So I experimented with my thermomix.  I figured that it would take way too long to bring the water up to temperature compared with our kettle..... but I was wrong (write that down in your calendars.... John will tell you I am not wrong often LOL).  

The difference between boiling the kettle and waiting for it to come off the boil - and bringing the Thermomix to 80oC was only 30 seconds.  What's more... I found the Thermomix MUCH more useful because I could put it on earlier and have it sitting on 80oC until I was ready - so it was much more user friendly!

Plunger coffee at 80oC WAS much nicer, MUCH nicer!

But I still had to try the Aeropress.  I bought one on the weekend and have to say the coffee was better still!  What I liked about it was that there are NO grinds left in the bottom of your coffee glass!  You can drink every last drop.  From a practical standpoint, that means no need to rinse the glass before putting in the dishwasher, and no grinds in the sink after rinsing the plunger!  The Aeropress is super easy to clean... Not an elegant action to get the coffee, but well worth the small manipulation needed.

As for time comparison between a) boiling the kettle, letting it cool and b) boiling the Thermomix - the Thermomix is the winner!!

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