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Posted by Bee & John on March 15, 2011 at 7:17 PM

I finally did it!  I don't like yoghurt myself, so I had been putting this off (poor John, he loves it and has been missing out).  However I suffered the ignominy of a birthday recently - and I decided to have a few friends over and we'll do Yiros's / Souvlaki's for a help-yourself type of meal.  Well.... we needed the yoghurt sauce to go with it (which, I - weirdly - love) - so off I went to make yogurt.

So - how did it go?  The trick, of course, is to use a live culture to make it with.  The first one I made didn't go well because I didn't have the live culture I thought I had when I bought the little tub of yoghurt to start off with.  So!  Check it!

So... I got one of the packets of ready to go yogurt designed to work in an easy-yo and followed the instructions, but using the Thermomix - success!

Then I used some of THAT to make the yogurt the way it recommends in the "Everyday cooking" cookbook that comes with the Thermomix in Australia - with it sitting for 8 hours in a warmed Thermomserver.  Bingo! SUPER easy, super thick!

Now I have a little jar - 1/4 cup of yogurt goes into that ready to make the next lot when this one is finished :)

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