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Moroccan Spicy red lentil soup

Posted by Bee & John on April 12, 2011 at 9:10 PM

I make this quite often actually.  I would never even have tried it but for someone else giving it to me and I tried it to be polite.  YUM!

This recipe is in the Everyday Cookbook - the one you get with the Thermomix in Australia.

Why wouldn't I have tried it?  Well... not a major fan of tomato soup, and lentils?  Aren't they something the Hari Krishna's use??

Anyway, this is delicious!  And quick!  Don't like it spicy?  Don't put in the chilli!

What I really like about it is.. it is a quick, nutritious soup that can be made even if your fridge is running low on fresh ingredients.  It is basically just a few items from your pantry.

HINT: When I make it, I make 1/2 the recipe.  That gives me lunch over two days (with fresh hot bread of course)

HINT: a great base for a meat dish.  Add some chicken (cut into small chunks brown it with the onion for 2 minutes) or some lamb (same)  

HINT: conversely - use that to EXTEND a meat dish.  Last night I made Chicken cacciatore and there was HEAPS left - I am going to add some red lentils and a chilli to it and re-cook for dinner tonight 

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