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Osso Chooko

Posted by Bee & John on April 29, 2011 at 11:02 PM

I tried the Osso Bucco recipe recently, from the Meat Lover's cookbook.... YUMMO!!

I was SO fortunate in being given a huge bunch of basil from a wonderful host recently, so I wanted to try it again... but didn't have any veal.  So - why not use chicken I say!

I used skinless chicken leg fillets.  These are great for steaming, there is a litttttttttle bit of fat within the meat which helps keep it moist while steaming BUT doesn't give you any fatty juices for the sauce.

I followed the recipe exactly for the Osso Bucco, but instead of marinating the veal, I marinated the chicken leg fillets, each one cut into 3.

Obviously, the chicken was cooked quicker than the veal would have (15-20 minutes), but that was perfect.  I then put the chook into the thermoserver to keep warm and steamed potatoes and veggies with the rest of the time needed to reduce the sauce.  YUM!

LESSON: just because the sauce, when you first put it in, is nearly up to the 2 litre mark.... remember that it will reduce by up to half!  Therefore do NOT be overly generous with the stock (ie: salt) you only need enough for 1/2 of the mixture you start with

HINT: Because chicken cooks so much quicker than veal or beef, instead of smaller pieces of chicken for 20 minutes, cook chicken mariland or even an entire chook!   If doing an entire chook, don't forget to marinate the INSIDE of the chook, as well as the outside, for at least an hour as per recipe!

LESSON: remember not to completely block the steam vents on the bottom of the varoma!

HINT: there is plenty of sauce left over for you to use on schnitzel parmigana the next day, or as a base to your lasagne.

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