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Prices and Niceness of Spices

Posted by Bee & John on May 12, 2011 at 2:20 AM

One thing that I have noticed now I am really getting the most out of our Thermomix, is that I am using a lot more spices.  

I was reminded lately, that we have become very accustomed to buying everything from a supermarket - thinking that we've got the cheaper options.... NOT!!

For an example, I needed some cinnamon the other day and popped into a local supermarket and got a small packet.  15g and it cost $3.95

A few days later, I went to Gaganis Brothers (a retail/wholesaler in Adelaide) and picked up 100g for only $5.90!  That's 600% more spice for only $2 more!  Don't get me started on ground cinnamon - those of us who are lucky enough to enjoy a thermomix KNOW what REALLY nice FRESHLY ground cinnamon smells/tastes like!

What's more - I picked up large (not massive-never-get-through-in-a-million-years-large) bags of mustard seeds for only a couple of dollars!

My best buy on the day was a kilo (YUP a kilo) of Cassia quills.  What is cassia you ask? (I did and had to look it up) it is from the Cinnamon family - but a little thicker, redder and stronger/spicier.  Now that I know what it smells like, I recognise it as the cinnamon that is used on cinnamon donuts at Donut King!! (my once a month treat)  I bet it is used instead of the "proper" cinnamon in lots of places.  Why?

IT IS CHEAP!  I got that kilo for only $9.90!!

What am I going to do with a kilo of cassia cinnamon quills??  Weeeeellllll... I was wondering if I needed to start give it away, when a face saving suggestion came through an TV show where they used a cinnamon stick to stir their coffee.  Oh My Goodness!!!!! I tried it and let me tell you....Heaven in a cup!  What's more - Cassia cinnamon is SO cheap you can stir about 3-400 coffees and throw away the stick after each one and STILL think you are getting off cheap!

Why use real cinnamon then??  "Real" cinnamon is a lovely delicate flavour that greatly enhances cooking in a gentle manner.  Cassie is more of the in-your-face cinnamon (which is why it is so nice in the coffee)

Anyway - What is this ramble all about?  Easy - if you want fresh, cheap spices at reasonable prices...... Get out of supermarkets!!!!!  Find places Gaganis Brothers to get them.  Another place I have found cheap and larger quantities of spices is in Indian grocers.

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