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Oven cooking with Thermomix help

Posted by Bee & John on August 17, 2011 at 2:00 AM

I didn't cook in the Thermomix last night (shock horror!) but it certainly made the meal I made easier to make!

I cooked a Jamie Oliver recipe for Morroccan lamb shanks.   How did the Thermomix help?

  1. it peeled the garlic
  2. it chopped the onions
  3. it cooked the chick peas
  4. it chopped the apricots
  5. Ground some of the spices
and.. weird as it may be.... if it wasn't for me cooking in the Thermomix... I wouldn't have had the spices needed for the recipe OR think to add some red lentils to it OR even THINK of trying something like this recipe!

How was it?  Yum!!  In fact it was such a nice recipe, John suggested I adapt it into a Moroccan Baked Bean mix - he said it would be fabulous on some toast!  Stand by!

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