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Using a Thermomix for a Party!

Posted by Bee & John on August 29, 2011 at 6:50 PM

My Sister also has a Thermomix and she has a wonderful son who turned 18 this last weekend!  She is a single mom - who also looks after our father - who did an amazing amount of work for the 18th birthday party.

I won't mention all the decorations she made, the people she put up at her house as they travelled interstate and all the other things she did..... how did she use the Thermomix to make her party food for 50 people??


  • made 6 large dips - every table had a segmented tray with dips on the table.  
  • made dipping bread using the basic bread recipe and topping it with seasoned salt
  • pre-made 75 mini pizza bases so that at the party she just needed to top and quickly cook them
  • used the Varoma to steam mini dim-sims
  •  prepared the mini Dutch Croquettes using the Thermomix - and the bread crumbs - ready to cook at the party
  • made the birthday cake mixture (4x quick chocolate cake) AND the icing sugar for the icing to make a game  controller birthday cake
  • melted the chocolate to make mini chocolate cases for the Mousse she also did in the Thermomix
  •  made the pastry cases for the mini quiches

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