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How to make sure your bread works!

My Bread Book

Yup - they are for sale   $12 plus postage.  60 pages of good information and great recipes! 


The main reason  I wrote  this booklet is to provide some information ABOUT making bread.  Lets face it, bread isn’t hard – especially with a Thermomix – flour, liquid, yeast, knead, rise, cook then eat!   Get the right ingredients, follow the recipe, bake at the right temperature – you get bread. However, somewhere along the line the basics about bread have been lost.


I had never made bread before owning my Thermomix – and when I was seeking answers to some of my questions – I just couldn’t find any!  So I researched, tested, tried and worked – and then made my own resource.  I hope I can provide answers to some common bread questions.  Questions like… can I put my dough in the fridge?  what if I'm not ready to cook my bread in an hour, can I let it sit for longer?  isn’t salt bad for you?  My dough is sticky!  I want crusty bread!  I want to grind my own grains – what do I use and why.  I want my bread to be really LIGHT and fluffy.  Can I use less yeast?


This booklet is intended as a guide only and I hope it can provide you with some ideas and encourages you to stretch your imagination when you are thinking of baking some bread.  Using three basic bread recipes, I have provided many different ideas for you to easily use to make your bread special.  Recipe ideas are at the back of the booklet.


  • Why bake your own bread?                 
  • Equipment                 
  • What flour and why                 
    • What is baker’s flour and why use it?                 
    • Commercial flours or grind your own?                 
    • Whole meal flours                 
  • Should you use a bread improver?                 
  • Grinding your own flours                 
  • Rising Agents                 
    • Commercial Yeast                 
    • Sour Dough / Leven                 
  • Liquids                 
  • Salt                 
  • Sweeteners                 
  • Proving your bread                 
    • What is proving?                 
    • How do I prove bread dough                 
    • Why roll it in a ball to prove?                 
    • What to put the dough in to prove it?                 
    • Punching the dough down.  Am I guilty of Dough Abuse?                 
    • What is the best way to tin a bread                 
    • What are any likely problems when proving dough                 
    • How do I know when my dough has proved                 
    • How many times do I need to prove my bread                 
  • Bread Textures                 
    • Tang Zhong method for soft bread                 
  • Pick 'n Mix for the Dough!                 
  • Important information for the following recipes                 
  • Bread Shapes and Methods                 
  • Bread Shapes                 
  • Bread Glazes and Toppings 
And then?  RECIPES!  While I am no chef or recipe designer, I have included many variations for just the basic bread recipe and the basic brioche recipe - then lots of others including the cinnamon stack - FAB!!

Buying the book -    

  • Cost of my bread book "All Bread Kneads is a Thermomix" book is $12 plus $2.50 postage = $12.50
  • BTW - Cost of the "Scents and Centsability" book is $20, with $3 postage = $23
  • BOTH book saves you money!  Both books cost $35 mailed anywhere in Australia
I really hope you enjoy the books as much as I did writing them!


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